Taking a break from reality!

kimmea FranklinMy name is Kimmia Franklin and  I like the computer lab because… in computer lab my friends and I talk, play board games, do neat contests ,draw, and  go on the computers.ost of the websites we go on are educational like fun brain, Fcat explorer, and   one that is not educational and it is … Poptropica! Poptropica is a website  where  kids  like me go on virtual adventures,  in  other words we can let  our  brains  take a break from  reality! In the computer lab we also play on the Playstation2 or watch movies. The computer lab is one of my most favorite places to be at the Boys and Girls Club.


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  1. hi i am peter not peter parker peter uzuriaga. heres a poptropica account username:mostfungames password:12345 it’s a boy account give it to your brotheror some one.

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