Preparing for the future…

tyra hepburnDuring my experience in Club Tech, I have learned many different things like the basics of the computer function. I’ve learned how to use the computer in many different ways. Club Tech is helping me prepare for the future in using the computer. It is a really fun program to be in because this program teaches you how to use shortcuts and all the little different things that you can do when using the computer.  It is taught in a fun way so it can keep your interest so you don’t forget what you have learned. Everyone is using computers now, especially younger kids and when you go through and learn everything you need to know, we will grow up not having to face challenges using the computer. Working with Club Tech has really enhanced my knowledge with the computer. Some of the things that it has taught me is how to save my work on a floppy disk. Others things like what the hard drive is and how to use it. Being in this class has really opened my eyes because the computer is not just used for looking up websites but also for working, learning and a lot of different programs. After being in Club Tech, I would tell everyone to get in this program because it can really teach you a lot about computers.

Tyra Hepburn


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