Love Shouldn’t Hurt

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  A teen member from the West Tampa Boys and Girls Club wrote an essay on  how she feels about the matter.

            Love can come in many different ways.  Nevertheless, love must be used in the right way instead of the opposite such as verbal and physical abuse.  Today in this world people express themselves or take their anger out by using abuse on another human being.  Well I say abusing someone is totally wrong.  Many people can love a person by caring for them in many ways.  I understand that when people are in an abusive relationship it can be hard to get out of it.   This is because people think that they may be deep in love.  Physical and verbal abuse can hurt a person in a way that doesn’t make the person feel right inside.  Everyday I always think about what my cousin told me, “One pathway can lead to another, but if you keep going down the wrong path you may decide its time to change and it will be too late.  Life is too short to affect someone’s love and most people just want to have a happy life with people they know that really care and love them.  Everybody has goals in their lives but why would you try to bring them down by not showing them love.  Love can make a change and progress in people’s lives.  People will always appreciate you when you show them love.  Many people are frightened to communicate with other people because they have suffered abuse from someone who so-called loved them.  We should all take the time and think about what love does to people and their lives.  If love is used right it will definitely make a better place.



By:      Kennetha B.


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