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TBTF Donates 20k to Boys & Girls Clubs Programming

Zonta Unit

Its true when they say that a picture is worth a thousand words!  The members of the Zonta Unit Boys & Girls Club were quit excited when they were able to participate in the check presentation that took place between Boys & Girls Clubs of Tamp Bay and the Tampa Bay Tech Forum Foundation.

Through  fundraising to date, the TBTF Foundation has funded over $1 million in computer equipment, software, infrastructure, labor and instruction in local Boys and Girls Clubs that collectively serve 1000+ local youth daily.

TBTF is dedicated to providing funding to assist with leveling the “virtual playing field” for kids of all ages and circumstances.  TBTF is sponsoring the First Annual Be Great Film Festival!  Members will have an opportunity to showcase their talents by creating  short films.


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My Summer in the Computer Lab

Picture 036Hello my name is Damian I’m 12 yrs old and I attend Zonta Boys & Girls Club. This summer in the computer lab  I completed Career launch.  During my Career Launch experience I learned how to fill out a job application, resume, and a cover letter on the computer. I also learned job interviewing  tips. I got some free time on the computer to play games, look for back to school shoes, and listen to music on the Boys & Girls Clubs of America website myclubmylife.com.

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TBTF Foundation visits Garry & Mavis Smith Salesian Boys & Girls Club!

KSC 001

On Thursday July 23, 30 TBTF Foundation members were invited out to Garry & Smith Salesian Boys & Girls Club.  While at the club the TBTF members had an opportunity to go on a tour lead by students  from  the club. One of the club members Nalau T. gave a presentation on her business plan for Pooh’s Academy(Day Care).  During the presentation Nalau spoke about her business concept, mission, management, marketing plan and much much more.  The winner and finalists of  the T-shirt contest was presented with the t-shirt that Devin designed, whichcan be purchased  at Tech Jam!  Devin’s club was also given a Wii.  The evening ended with a match up of Guitar Hero between Ton DiBenedetto and T-shirt winner Devin Oliver.  The rematch will take place next week at Tech Jam!

TBTF 007TBTF 012TBTF 016

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Taking a break from reality!

kimmea FranklinMy name is Kimmia Franklin and  I like the computer lab because… in computer lab my friends and I talk, play board games, do neat contests ,draw, and  go on the computers.ost of the websites we go on are educational like fun brain, Fcat explorer, and   one that is not educational and it is … Poptropica! Poptropica is a website  where  kids  like me go on virtual adventures,  in  other words we can let  our  brains  take a break from  reality! In the computer lab we also play on the Playstation2 or watch movies. The computer lab is one of my most favorite places to be at the Boys and Girls Club.

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The Importance of Internet Safety for Kids

On March 4, 2009 Bright House partnered with the Garry & Mavis Smith Salesian Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay to present Virtual Bright Eyes Summit.  Guest speakers for the event were Ben Tillis from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and Rachel Macias from Cable in the Classroom.  Keeping Kids safe was the topic of discussion.  The speakers focused on the importance of parents monitoring their kids while using the internet.  


Our children are so internet savvy that parents had no idea what their children were able to do on the internet.  Parents were introduced to terms that are starting to be used more frequently.  Terms such as


  • Sexting (the act of sending inappropriate pictures through text),
  • Cyber bullying (bullying peers through electronic devices such as computers, cell phones etc.).  

The speaker reiterated to the parents that there are consequences for these behaviors.


The group was separated and children left to experience an interactive presentation. During the presentation the members were exposed to some of the unsafe things that happen on some of the popular sites like Myspace and facebook.  The Speakers gave the members the harsh reality of what could happen to them if they are not careful while using the internet. 


In the conclusion of the presentation parents were left with three important tasks:


1. Use parental controls and set rules for your children

2. Help your children be media literate when online

3. Help your children make the right choices when online





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